Increasing Capability Of Additive Manufacturing


We specialize in transforming the landscape of surgical preparation through our advanced 3D printing technology. We pride ourselves on providing patient-specific 3D printed models, converted from CT scans. Our services are designed to alleviate the workload of healthcare professionals, offering a full in-house service tailored to their needs.Our commitment at 3DMS is not just to innovation but also to the practical application of our technology in improving surgical outcomes.

By offering these detailed models, we aim to enhance the precision of surgical planning, reduce uncertainties, and ultimately contribute to better patient care and surgical success​​.

Trusted by

W.L Gore & Associates

Our patient-specific models are part of Gore’s service portfolio to aid with surgical preparation


We are an official supplier of patient-specific models of hearts of a leading dutch hospital

University of Twente

A strong network backing and our home base. We support researchers with flow models and haptic simulators

Scovas Medical

Piloting with is to aid in surgical preparation for complex neurovascular vascular surgeries