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Elevate Your Surgical Preparedness with Our
3D-Printed Models

Share your CT scan with us

The entire process is handled in-house, including segmentation, data preparation and 3D printing, based on your CT scan data.

3D model production within 24 hours

We'll ship the 3D printed models to your designated address using our trusted shipping partners.

Prepare for surgery with the team

Accepted models enhance surgical planning, simplify the communication of complex anatomy, and aid to provide clear instructions.

We create 3D-printed models from patient CT scans, enhancing organ visualisation for surgeons and OR personnel beyond 2D screens


3D Printed Models


3D printed models provide clear interpretation of intricate anatomy, enhancing cognitive understanding of patient anatomy.


Boosting spatial perception for surgical planning, simplifying the selection of appropriate surgical instruments and procedures.


Elevating surgical outcomes, contributing to life-saving measures.


Enhancing teamwork within the OR and improving instruction and communication among caregivers.


Improved clarity reduces radiation exposure for patients and OR staff, while minimizing the usage of radioactive contrast toxic fluid.


Get comprehensive model production, including segmentation, starting at just $270.

Our Models

From Hearts to Aortas, we can bring any organ to life.

Core Benefits

Scientifically proven

Surgical Plan Modification

Incorporating insights from a 3D printed model plays a significant role in refining surgical strategies.

Plan Reassurance

Re-evaluating CT data with a 3D printed model increases surgeons' confidence in their management plans.

Enhanced Visualization

Surgeons agree that using 3D models positively contributes to improving patient outcomes.

We Partner With

Medical Manufacturers
Research Institutes

We have piloted our service and technology in over 20 hospitals in Europe for the preparation for complex AAA.

We provide the 3D printed models for our partners like W.L. Gore & Associates for case support and training across Europe.

In-house technology

Our in-house technology allows for research-grade 3D models with unmatched precision, ensuring the highest standards of accuracy and quality in patient-specific anatomical modeling.

Unmatched Quality

Beyond typical 3D models, we produce smooth, flexible, cast-like models, bringing advanced research institute quality into practical medical use.


We transform CT scans into detailed tactile 3D anatomical models with a seamless process, requiring only minimal input from healthcare professionals.

Client Focused

Prioritising swift delivery and continuous support, we ensure rapid, efficient model production, enhancing surgical planning and patient care.